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Serving All Types Since 1991

Weekly Specials Downstairs in the Jimmy LaPanza Lounge.


Sundays: Mushroom Gravy Cheese Fries served with brown gravy made with locally forested wild mushrooms. One buck per order.

MondaysBeer braised spare ribs, tossed in BBQ or mustard glaze, and tempeh "ribs" - digits of cider-braised tempeh, lightly fried then tossed in BBQ or hot ale sauce. Only a buck apiece!

Tuesdays: Tacos filled with your choice of shredded chicken, ground beef. Or go vegetarian with just onion, poblanos, black beans and corn. Take your pick for a buck apiece.

Wednesdays:Sloppy JoesBeer-seasoned ground beef and “sloppy” seasonings on an adorable slider bun. Meatless Option: Lentil Joes. Only a buck each.

Thursdays:Short Rib Sliders with onions, peppers or mushrooms and a house-made cheese sauce. Meatless Option: Braised Tempeh. Just two bucks each.

EVERY Night: Parking Violation Night! Bring in your Portsmouth parking ticket and check payment and we'll mail it and give you a FREE beer for your hearthache.


We're proud members of the Green Alliance and the New Hampshire Sustainable Lodging & Restaurant Program. Read about our efforts to become a more sustainable business

The Portsmouth Brewery, New Hampshire's original brewpub, has been serving great food and outstanding handcrafted beers in a friendly, lively atmosphere since 1991.

We're open seven days a week, from 11:30 AM till 12:30 at night. Our kitchen is open till 11:00 on weeknights, till 12:30 on Friday and Saturday nights.

We love to host large groups and private functions. If you are planning a function of your own, check out our function menus or drop us a note and ask how can accommodate your party.

“A linchpin in the revitalized core of downtown Portsmouth, NH, the brewery that bears the name of this old maritime city is everything a small brewpub should be.”


What’s the wooden token for?
Every Tuesday at the Brewery is COMMUNITY PINT NIGHT. For each beer you buy, we donate 25¢ to a charity of your choice.  It’s easy - on your way out the door, just place the tokens you’ve received in the yellow wooden box mounted next to our front door.  We’ll take care of the rest. So now you can do good by drinking well. 

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The Portsmouth Brewery • 56 Market Street • Portsmouth NH 03801